Texas Is Big On Tattoos Too

06 September 2015

You don't have to look too far to find a tattoo of Texas State emblazoned on the upper arm of a proud Texan. That's because Texans love Texas, and they love tattoos too. I've seen loads of variations of the State outline filled in various colors and patterns or skylines or even bull horns and cowboy boots.

The State does boast some of the best tattoo artists in the world. I mean, just check out the Showdown Festival for example. It's a whole tattoos and music festival - features over 300 artists and attracts some seriously cool names. Check out our fascinating facts about Texas too.

But we've also all seen the 'tattoos gone wrong' posts shared on Facebook. You know the ones, words spelt incorrectly, or just seriously amateur work that just looks plain bad. If you're going to get one, go to the best artist you can afford - and if you can't afford the best, it might be better to simply save up a bit longer. This is artwork you want to have for life, right?

Yes, you can get tattoos removed, and laser removal is really effective now. It is also painful, damn expensive and takes repeat treatment over many weeks to remove ink. There's some great places you can go in San Antonio for tattoo removal if there's nobody close to you. Or you might find someone good who is closer than that. Just don't underestimate the time and cost involved in getting ink removed by laser. It is the best method, but it's definitely no walk in the park I can tell you. Taking the time to get your tattoo design from a talented true artist to start with is way better than going through the removal process later - even though tattoos don't have to be for life anymore, I recommend you still think of them as permanent. So make them mean something, and make them good. Texas has a ton of talent to offer so make the most of them.